Today’s Intention: Check out to Check in

Today I checked out of social media for ten hours to check in with myself.

To most people that’s probably not a big deal but for me it was. I’m home most days since the accident and I spend way too much of my time on social media. Like WAY to much time. If you’ve ever gone through or are currently going through a phase like this then you know you can get so lost in social media that hours can pass by without you even noticing. For me, a lot of those hours were spent watching everyone live life while mine is just passing me by. So today I focused on me.

I spent a part of my day resting, a part of it writing but all of it was about me. I did cheat once or twice when my hair stylist posted her summer bundle deals (I know I’m bald don’t come for me) but after about 5 mins I was over it. I got a few things done today that i’ve been dragging my feet with and it felt good. Imagine how much I can get done if I did this more often? We’ll see.

What were your intentions today? Were you successful? Let me know!

And for those of you that read my blog here’s advance notice on tomorrow’s intentions: Start to finish what you started.

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