Be Intentional

Be intentional.. Got it. Seems simple enough. WRONG!

To do something intentionally means to do it on purpose or deliberately. There are so many things that I “intend” to do but never accomplish because i’m not intentional. Most often those things have to do with improving who I am overall.

The times I have been intentional I have always accomplished what I set out to do even if the results weren’t immediate. And the sense of accomplishment I felt upon completion was greater than I could have imagined.

So in an effort to kick off the third quarter right and try to accomplish some things before the year is out I am tasking myself with being more intentional. I will set my intentions for the day or week and see how it improves who I am.

My Goal is to share them here and on my other social platforms in hopes that It will one become a habit for me and two encourage someone else to do the same.

Will you join me?

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