To The Mother that doesn’t feel like enough…

Happy Mother’s Day to the mother that doesn’t feel like a superwoman, the mother that may be feeling like she’s not enough. Either society or someone else has told you you’re inadequate… maybe for whatever reason you’ve told yourself you’re insufficient. I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to you… Happy Mother’s Day to us.

Is there something that has you feeling like you aren’t “the best mom” you can be? Feel like you failed your child or children in some way and your mind won’t allow you to get past it? Some days that’s me. I’ve been unable to walk for about a month now, and there’s a lot of things I can’t do for my daughter. Reality says you survived a car accident that could have taken your life, you literally fight mental and physical battles DAILY, and through prayer and patience, you are getting better, but my mind says something else. My mind shows me everything I’m not doing for my daughter, reminds me constantly of my baby that I’ll never get to meet, tells me all that my family has been through and is going through is my fault…. But God. I know for a fact this is just a way for the enemy to use me against me. So today I’m fighting back by not only encouraging myself but encouraging you too! I want to tell you that you are not alone; you are not inadequate. YOU ARE WORTHY.

I say this prayer for myself and I encourage you to say it as well: God I come to you the Father on this Mother’s Day weekend first saying thank you for the ability to give life. Thank you for using me as a vessel to bring one of your greatest creations to this earth. Had it not been for you I could not be a mother and because you chose me I know that I am capable.
Today God honestly, I am not feeling worthy of being celebrated. Because of (insert whatever has you feeling this way) I don’t feel like the best mother I can be. I don’t feel like enough. But God I will not allow myself to stay this way. God forgive me first for any way that I have sinned. Forgive me for being hard on me. If these feelings are simply the enemies’ way of using my own mind against me then God I ask that you take control of my mind and help me to see myself the way you see me. Help me to see myself as the mother my child(ren) deserve. God if for any reason I am lacking I ask that you provide me with the tools necessary to excel and be the best mother I can be for my children. God point me in the right direction of any resources that may help me. Connect me with mothers who have been through what I’m going through and use them to give me guidance when I am having trouble hearing from you. God, I thank you in advance for the peace you will restore back to me. For making me feel complete again so that I may share how you brought me through and encourage others to seek you. God, I thank you for the reminder that I am a good mother, that I am capable and it will only get better from here. AMEN.

Again ladies, Happy Mother’s Day.

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