The first (full) week of February…

I tend to get very anxious during the first week of February.

My birthday is coming up, My best friend’s birthday is coming up and somehow I tend to go from no plans to too many plans over night..EVERY YEAR!

I start to get incredibly anxious and I may have never admitted this to anyone before but it literally ruins it for me. I may dress it up and look like i’m having the greatest time but by my birthday i’m literally just glad its over.

So you would think I would plan for this not to happen right? NOPE. SO there I was on February 2nd freaking out, overwhelemed and I hadn’t even started yet when I literally said to myself i’m not doing this anymore.

Maybe it was all of the bible study/ devotionals I’ve been doing that reminds me that God has given me authority over everything and that includes but isn’t limited to my own emotions and anxiety. (Luke 10:19) Maybe it was that I had just finished taking my third nap for the day (I literally felt like I slept for the whole year) but I determined right then that my anxiety was not going to have a hold over me this year.

Sooo here’s the plan. I am reconditioning my thoughts. Taking things light and easy and when I do begin to feel overwhelmed I am replacing those thoughts with gratitude. For example; I am too tired for this = I am grateful for a chance to do this. I am going to be patient with myself, intentional about my time and giving myself time so that i don’t have to rush… because if you know me you know when I feel rushed EVERYTHING IS CANCELLED and i’m pretty much useless.

So lets see how this goes! OH yeah the fun part! You get to hold me accountable because I will be documenting each day, the success and the fails! SO here’s to us successfully tackling my most anxious week of the year!

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