Music Monday: “Memories Don’t Die”

It’s Music Monday! The day I share whats bumping in my car and playing in my headphones this week.

Now my taste in music is quite diverse and you never know what to expect from my playlist; it usually has a little bit of everything.. BUT THIS WEEK it’s all about my boy Tory Lanez (yes, that’s my boy whether he knows me or not!) and his new album “Memories Don’t Die“.

It was hard to pick my “Favorite” of the eighteen tracks as I can play the album through without skipping one song so I’m going to list the ones I repeat more than a few times.

  1. 4 ME- This song like most on the album has me feigning for warm weather so I can drive around with my window down, sun roof open blasting this like i’m in a a foreign when i’m in my nissan (Her name is Goldie). While I cant relate to all the lyrics in this song – it’s i’m finna get lit and not think about you flow is really a vibe and i’m all the way here for it.
  2. Pieces- First of all, This gives me the old school storytelling hip-hop flow I love so much. ( Renee (Mr.Cheeks), Children’s Story (Slick Rick), Warning (Biggie) for reference). Second of all 50.. Okay.
  3. Shooters- So if you don’t know Trap/Gangsta type music is my guilty pleasure. This song speaks to the cool calm gangsta that lives inside of me and comes out whenever some artist decides to give me a thug life anthem. I foresee this also being on my summer blast playlist.
  4. B.I.D. & 5. Dance For me- These songs made the playlist for no reason other than they are OD catchy and bump so hard!

If you haven’t checked out the album yet I suggest you do. Try starting with my top five and let me know what you think! Already heard the album? Let me know what you think! Love it? Hate it? What’s your favorites ?!

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