Tune in Tuesday- “Now Playing”

Fun fact  this was supposed to be a “Music Monday” post but since I missed it yesterday and don’t  have any shows i’m watching right now for “Tune in Tuesday”  i’ll just leave this right here.

I love music, all kinds of music, I even have certain types of music assigned to different times of the day and days of the week.

When I fall in love with a song I will play it over and over and over again until something else pulls me away and God forbid theirs a part of the song I love the most? I will get Funk Master Flexx on you real quick and replay that same part several times before moving on.

I love when people suggest songs for me and I love to suggest songs to other and I don’t think there’s a better platform then here to let you guys know what songs I have on repeat currently. Beware each song is not for everyone but I encourage you to take a peek at this playlist no matter your  favorite genre i’m sure I have something in here for you!

  1. In the River – Jesus Culture
    I had the pleasure of dancing to this song with two of my sisters almost a year ago and it still moves me! I listen to it every morning and three times on Sunday. The beat gets me so energized and gives me so much life! Even when I don’t think I want to hear it or I think i’m over it and 6 seconds in im dancing all over the place and i’m filled with uncontrollable worship!
  2. Ego Trip -Kojo Stone
    First of all this entire EP of the same name- Ego trip-  is just so good for your soul, Kojo’s voice is definitely a gift and i’ve had the opportunity to see him perform live and his talent is whats missing from music right now; but I would need another blog post to give ya’ll that review.  One of my fav songs on the album is Ego Trip. Ego Trip tells the story of a couple who knows they belong together but are allowing their egos to keep them apart. This is one of those let me run that back two three more times songs. I legit repeat the hook and bridge several times each before I let the song play out. Wants some 90’s R &B flow with a new style touch go listen to this song NOW (Then “want to be loved” which is also one of my favs)!
  3. The Light- Common
    Because, DUH! This song will likely  be on every playlist I ever make for my life’s entirety.  The woman Common describes in this song is me in every way i’ve felt like this from the moment I heard this song and I know I couldn’t have been more than ten years old at the time. The song has only applied more as I got older and I am convinced the man that marries me will think of me whenever he hears this. Again, that’s a blog post for another day.
  4. Hello- Kes
    I have such a  place in my heart for Soca music and this song in particular makes me feel so good. It truly doesnt matter when i’m playing it but that waist don’t stop rolling from start to finish!!!!
  5. First Day Out- Tee Grizzley
    (warning it is an explicit song so I dont advise everyone to listen) I still bump this like it’s its first day out (pun intended) lol. That was actually really funny to me. Any who, this is a good rap song. The beat- fire, lyrical content-impressive, ad libs-on point!; The song is solid. I dont listen to it as often as some of the other songs on this playlist because it makes me feel a little bit tougher than I am and I just dont need that energy everyday lol.

I have to confess choosing five songs was super hard but fun to do and I look forward to attempting to do so often. But for now, send me some song suggestions or check out some of the ones i’ve listed above and tell me what you think! One of your song suggestions good be featured in my next music monday or (tune in Tuesday)!


Sarita J.

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