Identify your weakness and compensate with your passion!

“I had groups, and I was always the weakest rapper out of the people in the group.. It will always be someone who really had it (the ability/skill), but they just didn’t have the passion for it. … Every night I was working. It wasn’t nothing that was gone stop me.”

-Kanye West

There’s a meme that’s been going around for a while now; it says love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye. You might have missed it but he didn’t. On his song “I Love Kanye” he makes a joke about it and says “And I love you like Kanye loves Kanye”

There is no doubt if you know anything about the artist you know that he’s incredibly prideful and incredibly talented; Some might say one of the greatest! As an artist, entrepreneurs and “anyone trying to get anywhere” Kanye’s confidence is something to desire but while listening to a podcast called Dissect (Thanks #AshleyApproved) where they were dissecting Kanye’s album #MBDTF  I heard the quote above. It was a side of Kanye I ‘d never seen but is just as crucial for “anyone trying to get anywhere” to follow. He admitted his weakness and then gave a strategy for how he overcame it.

This quote taught me that to achieve greatness, you have not to be just self-confident but self-aware; you have to have the ability to identify your weaknesses and compensate with your passion. 

I was driving when I  was listening to that podcast, and a red light couldn’t come fast enough for me to save my thoughts as a voice note.

“Identify your weakness and compensate with your passion”.  “WOW.

Is there something you want to do but you’re looking at others who seem better at it? There is hope! We all have the ability to achieve whatever we desire (that’s within God’s will) so even if you aren’t the best in the beginning if you’re passionate enough you can get there.

When I say, passionate I don’t mean just really really wanting to do it, hoping, praying and wishing but not putting in the effort. I mean, non-stop studying, losing sleep, putting in double/triple/ quadruple overtime, SACRIFICING the now for the later! Are you passionate enough?

Use what you got to get WHERE you want. Yes, the misquote was intentional. Kanye used his ability to produce hits to get people to listen to his music. Whether they were interested or not, they would listen because they knew he had something they wanted.  He knew this, and though rap was his first loved, he allowed his beat making to get his foot in the door. Use what you got to get WHERE you want.

This indeed couldn’t have come to me at a better time; I was feeling a bit uninspired and defeated- unsure if I had what it took to fulfill my desires, but this gave me the jumpstart that I needed, and I hope it can do so for you too!

Let me know what you think! Do you feel that compensating for your weakness with passion can help you obtain success, and do you think it is possible to use abilities you already have to get where you want to go? I want to hear from you!


Sarita J.

The Reigning Truth

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