It’s okay not to be okay…

One, two or a few things around you are literally falling apart( or at least it seems that way). You distract yourself from that by laughing, smiling and “being yourself”; going about life as if inside you aren’t breaking down.

It feels like you’re holding your breath until randomly your body forces you to breath and only then some people around you may notice you’re going through something.. you hold your breath again.

This is draining.

This is toxic.

This is just a band-aid. And what happens when you put a band-aid over a cut that needs air? It creates the perfect environment for an infection to spread. So your issues aren’t getting better they’re getting worse.

You are not okay and that’s okay. While i’m not encouraging you to be an emotional wreck I am encouraging you to address your issues. If you’re spending all your time pretending to be fine when will you fix those things around you that are falling apart?

Breath. Pray. Take it one step at time, figure out a game plan, ask for help, TAKE THE HELP!, and remember it’s okay not to be okay; It’s just not okay to stay that way. 

I actually wrote this post this morning to encourage myself and I hope that it can encourage you as well. Be blessed!

9 thoughts on “It’s okay not to be okay…

  1. Tonia Kinsey says:

    I love this comment. IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK. This touch my spirit and spoke to somthing I’m going through. #Perfecting what God is permitting 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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