Issa Recap

Insecure is my new favorite show!!  It’s a show for us by us! Issa Rae defines black girl magic and makes sure to sprinkle more black boy joy into this series than I can handle! I am definitely late to the party just getting hooked during season two after binge watching season one and i’m more than impressed. The show is culturally accurate while not being offensive or feeling like “they’re doing to much” and I see familiar faces from my own life in every character! So yeah “issa” win for me. So now for this recap. Where do I begin? I’ll try and break this down by story lines/ characters but if I get off track forgive me! FYI spoilers ahead!!!

We got ya’ll– Hand clap for Issa for finally doing what she knows is right. I just needed to give Sis a clap on that. Next up we address Main Side Bae and the series of unfortunate events.

Main Side Bae aka Daniel and the series of unfortunate events– Issa girl can we move on from “the incident”? Issa’s being too dramatic and Daniel just had a poor choice of words bless his heart. Since this is our first time speaking on this let me just give all my readers a heads up. I AM NOT team Daniel even though I don’t hate them together. I just don’t see forever there but I must say his character is soo important to this story line because its one you rarely see played out on television but exist in the real world. The Side piece that gets main feelings. It’s always women that are made to look like the ones that can’t hit it and quit or get to emotionally evolved but Daniels character shows the other side of the coin. He’s that dude that you messed with that was never supposed to become serious, but seven years down the line and he’s still singing should coulda woulda’s and taking every opportunity to be superman not realizing you’re nobody’s Lois Lane…yeah him. More on that in another post though… Moving on…

Molly vs Modro – First off am I the only one who gets  all type of Toni Childs (Girlfriends) vibes from your girl Molly? I mean from her looks to the “my life is so litt but i’m lowkey miserable drama queen sheninanigans”; they could be sisters! As for her career moves i’m here for a change in scenery Molly is facing an issue that is far too common and I think her next move has to be a big one! It could give some viewers the courage to face that issue in their real lives. Now to the mess; Modro is what we’re gonna call this hot mess of a situation that is Molly and Dro. The whole idea is just a mess. Molly is that friend that’s ready to get “her name dropped and her eggs cracked” and she is not going to achieve that with Dro. She knows it, we know it and Dro knows this!  Dro is way to much of a smooth talker for me. I don’t trust this whole open relationship business and I low key think he’s lying about how open his relationship is. I honestly hope this mess has truly come to an end because watching them together literally makes me cringe and the longer this goes on the worst the end will be.

Lawrence, Issa and the emotional rollercoaster they put me through– Lawrence… No. We’re not gonna do this ! We are not! Okay? What are you doing with work girl? Did she not just let cricket eating co-worker hit a few weeks ago (Season 2 Episode 3)? And we will not address her by name here because her character needs to be just as short lived as Tasha from the block.  Anyway, Issa was dead wrong for cheating, which is why I gave Lawrence a break for the little petty antics he’s been on since the split. While I do think he has definitely become “a eff negro who thinks he’s a good dude” I like him so I tried to blame it on his broken heart UNTIL THIS WEEKS EPISODE! I don’t care if he thought it was an intimate gathering or a party with hundreds of other guest. He knew Issa and her friends would be there so he should have NEVER pulled up with Appolonia! And then the nerve of him to still try to spazz on Issa for being hurt? Issa doesn’t get a pass though! She’s not innocent in this and she has to stop bringing up how she was there for him when he was trying to get his app together. When you do something out of love you don’t throw it in their face.  By the end of the episode I was left with mixed emotions. As bad as I wanted Lawrence and Issa to rekindle their flame i’m left wondering if what they’ve become is to toxic to reignite.

Do you watch Insecure? What are your thoughts? What do you think is going to happen next week? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Issa Recap

  1. Zheurdaunne says:

    Yyeeeeeeessszzzzzzz honey. You pretty much hit every nail on the head that my friends and I discuss. Of course I am team lawrence but I do also like Daniel. Not only that the “Tony child’s ” vibe. I agree. I have felt that since season one episode one. On a lighter note can we discuss the back and forth intimate battle about men exploding their white love on a girls face. (Season 2 episode 6) would we consider this disrespectful and degrading or was she over reacting?!?!

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