Young Bosses: 7 tips I learned at the Young Bosses workshop

A month ago I had the pleasure of attending Young Bosses: An event for young aspiring entrepreneurs. The event was put together by Rainbow Cunningham whose goal was to "motivate and inspire people into becoming a better version of themselves while informing them how to develop a successful brand."

We were first broken up into small groups lead by the panelist (listed below) during these intimate sessions we were given the opportunity to get specific advice from women and men who are already in the position we aspire to be in. I was placed in a group with Tasha Morris and Tiffany Ashitey founders of Benchmark Creative Group which was really big for me. They hosted an event "that started a movement" called SheBoss that I was not able to attend  so I felt like I was getting a little VIP taste of what I could have experienced.  The small groups were followed by a panel and Q&A session where we received more tips on how to become our own boss and build our brand. The panelist were not only full of knowledge but so humble and honest and really gave great tips! I strongly believe that when you receive knowledge you should share it so below I've included the names and Instagram accounts for all of the panelist PLUS 7 tips I learned at the Young Bosses event so get your pen and paper ready!

The Host

  • Rainbow Cunningham (@queenreign_) – Young Bosses

The Panelist

  • Tasha Morris and Tiffany Ashitey (@Thebcgnyc)- Benchmark Creative Group

  • Ayanna Dutton (@The_aya_brand)- Meet-Me Series/ NonCorporateGirls Podcast

  • Anthony Thompson @Iamavoice- I am a voice

  • Janelle Arthur – @herheartfoundarion – H.E.R. Heart foundation

7 tips I learned at the young bosses event (in no specific order)

Tip #1- Find a Mentor in your respective field It is important to find a mentor in your field because they've already been through some of the things that your going to go through! While friends and family are get to have in your support system a mentor will be able to guide you in the right direction and help you through the growth and development of your brand.

Tip #2- Build relationships and find access-  You wont be able to build your brand alone ! Make connections with people who can help build your brand. These relationships should create access. Access that will get you close to the people and places you need to be around in the developing stages of your brand and throughout your career.

Tip #3- Be consistent– When I first heard this I thought it was pretty self explanatory; be consistent in your message and your delivery because people will notice if you change that up to much. They will notice the inconsistencies and will find it hard to believe in your brand. This was only one part of "being consistent". The panelist explained that you should be consistent in all things regarding your brand your message, your mission and even your physical image. Ms. Tasha and Tiffany explained that the details such as your hair, clothing choices and even nail color can make you memorable. Drastic changes in your look can make an individual hard to remember people may remember me as "The girl with the haircut" before they remember Sarita J. (for now) so being consistent about all details including your image are very important.

Tip #4- Be of value- When building relationships  and making connections you should present how working with you will benefit the party. People will be more willing to work with you and support or promote your brand if you can show them how working with you will provide increase or growth for them.

Tip #5 and Tip #6- Be Persistent and Don't Take no's personal- I put these two tips together because they seem to go hand in hand. In the beginning stages of building your brand you will encounter no's. A no can be disappointing but it should not knock you off your game. Ms. Tiffany Ashitey said two things that really stuck with me for these two tips one was  "sometimes a no just means no for now."  Be persistent about what you want and push for it. If its someone you want to be work with be where they are. Show up to and promote there events. If you combine this with tips 2 and 4 they will notice your persistence it will be more likely to hear you out.

Tip #7- The world will not match what you're not putting out- No one can want more for you than you. If your putting out nothing you will get back nothing. You have to put in overtime to get to the level you want if  your brand is going to be successful. No one else is going to put in more time and effort into this than you!!

That was only a taste of what we learned at The Young Bosses workshop.  I truly had the hardest time just choosing 7 random tips I truly wish you all could of have been there !!

Check out my next blog post which is an interview by the creator of "Young Bosses" Rainbow Cunningham.


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