Interview with Rainbow Cunningham- Founder of Young Bosses

In my last blog post, I told you about the awesome event I attended called “Young bosses.” After the event, I had the opportunity to interview the Founder Rainbow Cunningham, and now I get to share that interview with you!

Tell me a little bit about Rainbow Cunningham

I am a student at SUNY Plattsburgh currently majoring in marketing. I’m super passionate about business, particularly entrepreneurship. I also like to see people grow and help them with that process, and I plan to do it more. At (SUNY) Plattsburgh I’m apart of a group called The Plattsburgh Association of Black Journalists. This organization, as well as some events in my life, encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. It pushed my transition from being the quiet chill girl to being more vocal and willing to put myself out there.

On your Instagram page @QueenReign_ you often caption your photos as BeBold BeYou what does that mean to you and how are you using it to inspire your followers?

So actually I started using the motto around the time I decided to do the Young Bosses event. I went out with a friend, I felt like I looked really cute and my friend must have noticed it because she kept encouraging me to take pictures. Now usually, I feel really awkward and not incredibly confident, but at that moment, I felt confident, I felt like “a bad chick.” It was actually that night that I decided I would do and event. I use that as a hashtag a lot because I know a lot of people are afraid to be themselves and end up conforming to what they think other people want them to be. So this statement is saying BeBold doesn’t conform and BeYou not what you think someone else wants you to be. This has become more than a motto for me but my life. I even went skydiving for my birthday! How’s that for bold?

So now we know what caused you to have an event, but what made you want to do this kind of event?

I chose to do this kind of event because I wanted to create a safe space for young adults like me who have dreams to become an entrepreneur and build their own brand. To ask questions and learn more and maybe give them the push in that direction. It was essential to do this in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY because I know many people here who have these big dreams and goals but don’t have the tools they need to go out and get it. I wanted to help expose them to the entrepreneurial side of success. I wanted them to know that you don’t have to have a 4.0 GPA to make something of yourself. So I went to a few different events, saw what I liked and what I did not like determined what I wanted as far as environment and speakers and created one of my own.

Is your given name Rainbow?

Yes, People often ask me that. It’s funny because one day I asked my mom if she thought I would be successful when I grew up, and she said: “do you think I gave you that name for you to be regular?” That always stuck with me.

What more can we expect from Rainbow Cunningham and Young bosses?

I have a few things I’m planning, for one I would like to bring Young Bosses to my school SUNY Plattsburgh this fall, and I would also like to do another event in Brooklyn. I am also working on another event for some time next year called “Young Queens.” It will be an event for young girls aged 9-18 and will have lots of activities to help encourage these young ladies and help boost their confidence and self-esteem. I’ve watched so many young ladies suffer, and I feel that if they had the support, they needed, they may not have ended up in these painful situations.

Thank you so much, Rainbow for putting together this event and giving my readers a chance to learn a little bit more about you! For more on Rainbow Cunningham and information on upcoming events, you can follow her on Instagram @Queenreign_

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