Before moving into my current apartment, I lived on the first floor of an apartment building, after that, I moved to a house where my bedroom was located on the first floor. None of this prepared me for the sights and sounds of lighting and thunder that I would one day experience from my seventh-floor apartment window. 

From my bedroom, I felt like I was inside of a cloud. The lightning close enough to brighten my entire bedroom and the thunder so loud I could not hear myself think. The first few times I was awakened by this scene, I was sure I had woken up on judgment day.

After one episode, I began to wonder why, when going back in my memory, I had never experienced thunder quite like this. Was it possible that at 20 whatever years old I could suddenly be afraid of thunderstorms?
Then one day it dawned on me I wasn’t experiencing the storm from ground level anymore; I was much higher up here on the seventh floor… my perspective had changed. If you know me, you know, my first thought was, “wow, that’s deep.” But then I thought of how I could use this lesson on perspective in other areas of my life.I came up with this:

” In the midst of some storms changing the level you’re on could change the intensity of the storm.”

It sounded good enough, so I put it to the test. I was in a difficult situation with another individual that to me seemed to have no resolve. It took some time, but once I began to change my perspective, the intensity of the situation seemed to decrease. I realized the resolution was in my silence. Where I thought I needed to defend myself with words, I actually needed to just be silent and let my actions speak for me. Like the difference between my experiences from the first floor vs the seventh; changing my perspective and bringing it down a level did not change the fact that there was a storm, but it calmed the sound of the thunder. I was able to hear myself think again and listen to what God wanted me to do to combat this problem. I had a clear mind and was able to find peace until the storm passed over simply by changing how I viewed things.

I encourage you to take some time to look at a difficult situation you may be facing from a different perspective. Does it change how you see things? Has looking at it differently allowed you to find a different plan to tackle it?

Feel free to share in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Andretti says:

    Seeing things from different perceptives helps understand the points of views from other people, but if you feel a certain way about something who is to say understand others will change how you feel about things.


    • treigningt says:

      “changing my perspective and bringing it down a level did not change the fact that there was a storm but it calmed the sound of the thunder” It wasn’t about understanding them but more about understanding me and how I saw myself in the situation. I was at peace once I changed my perspective .


  2. Agglayee says:

    Great article hun! Looking at things from different perspectives definitely help you to overstand all views and signifies grows.


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