Sofar Sounds: An intimate live music experience in your city!!

Have you ever been to the a live performance and while you were expecting to have a great night with good vibes you spent $40 plus bucks only to receive a watered down drink, an even more watered down experience, and no opportunity to engage with the artist? Well that was the plight of Rafe and Rocky; the founders of Sofar Sounds in 2009.  They decided to invite some friends over to their home in London and have artist perform intimate shows there. What started off as a way to enjoy the music they loved with family friends has since expanded to  350 cities worldwide! Shows are literally taking place in the coffee shops, backyards and apartments right next door to you!

I have currently attended three SoFar Sounds events here in NYC and not one has been anything short of AMAZING!

I’ll list the highlights below in no particular order:

The mystery– I know it sounds crazy but you don’t know who’s performing until you get there and you don’t know the venue until the day before making these events strictly for individuals who love music and are open to all genres of it. All of the artist are different and have their own styles and like I said I’ve been to three have not been disappointed yet. The crowd engagement has been on 100 every time! I even found a taste for some soulful country music at my last Sofar.

The Venues– You don’t know the exact venue until the day before (also a apart of the mystery). What you do know before you even apply though is the neighborhood ie; Crown Heights, Williamsburg, Lowe East Side and the type of venue ie; concert space, rooftop, someones loft. The Sofar team checks out the venue well before you attend so you’ll definitely be in a  clean and safe environment. I have been fortunate enough to attend three different Sofar events in three completely different venues.  One was a dope coworking space in Crown Heights right next door to one of my favorite restaurants, The second a beautiful coffee shop in Williamsburg that had the most beautiful plant wall backdrop situation that I’d ever seen and most recently an apartment in Bedstuy; ya’ll know mama didn’t raise me to be in any and everybody’s house but the layout was so inviting and probably my most intimate Sofar experience to date.

Exclusivity– Not everyone can get into a Sofar event.  In order to attend a Sofar Sounds event you must create a profile on their website. It takes no time, I promise. Once you’ve created a profile you can apply for different shows in your city or if you’re traveling you can see if there is a SoFar show happening near you. Once you applied for the events you’re interested in you wait to be selected. There are ways around this wait but i’ll get to that at the end ;-) . If you are selected for the show you’ll receive an email and you’ll be prompted to purchase tickets. You can purchase up to three at a time so bring a friend or two!

Bang for your buck– So for $15 per ticket you get three live performances, an opportunity to meet not only some awesome artist but some other really cool music lovers and you get to experience some dope locations in your surrounding neighborhoods that you may not have heard of otherwise and check this out most of the events are BYOB ! No watered down $12 dollar drinks here !!!

I could honestly go on and on about the unique experience that is Sofar Sounds but it’s nothing like experiencing it first hand……. so now to that little treat I mentioned! Because you are a friend of mine and I want you all to get a chance to attend these events I have a way for you to skip the wait and get priority tickets to any Sofar NYC event!!!

All you have to do is follow these steps:

1.Go to and click Join Us (super easy to just use your FB log in)

2. Next, You’ll select NYC as your home city

3.Then, you’ll browse events in your city

4. Once you find an event that you’d like to attend select it and enter the promo code


This promo code allows you to skip the wait and get priority to the show ! But wait there’s more ! You can use this code multiple times !!!!!

Awesome, right?!

So go ahead and experience the most unique intimate live show experience!

Comment below and let me know if you plan to attend I’d love to join you !!!

2 thoughts on “Sofar Sounds: An intimate live music experience in your city!!

  1. Andretti says:

    As a music lover I’ve always gone to concerts with high energy artists to match my vibe. I’ve never heard of these SoFar events but because of the intimacy I will try it out. Always good to experience new things, when we lack action we miss things.


  2. treigningt says:

    “When we lack action we miss things” this is such a fact! I hope you really do attend one of these events and let me know when maybe I’ll join you 😉 Don’t forget to use my promo code for instant access to the shows you choose!


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