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IMG_2217As far back as I can member i’ve “loved the sound of my own voice”. I talk a lot and growing up I realized people often wanted to hear what I had to say (not that it mattered because I would talk anyway).  I love to engage people through speaking; sharing my thoughts and opinions and encouraging people to share theirs. My mother, my step father and Hugh i’m sure can tell you about how a simple how was your day could turn into a three hour conversation on anything from colorism to the true meaning behind a 90’s song.  It doesn’t matter the size or composition of the audience if there is an opportunity for me to speak I use it with no fear.

By day I am an employee at a non-profit agency. My current role there is a an outreach coordinator or community liaison or whatever title fits best at the moment ( I mean no offense by this; employees of this agency wear whatever hat, role or title when needed and that can be a really good thing but anywho…). One of the high points of my job is that I get to coordinate and host different events and workshops and share valuable information with an under served population.

By night or whenever needed I am also an event MC.  Most recently I’ve had the opportunity to host a series of events produced by a good friend of mine. Though these events vary in content the overall goal is to showcase and celebrate artistry. I love art in all its different forms so to have the opportunity to be a part of  this and work with people who have that same love and passion has been such motivation for me (I promise to share more about these events in a future post).

Though the two event types above I do most often I am not limited to only those. I also host-other categories of amazing events such as informational forums, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, you name it and I look forward to expanding on that in the near future!

This part of my life has afforded me the opportunity to not only host but attend and enjoy so many different types of events and I want to share that with you! So I have now added an Events section where I will share events that I host as well as the interesting events I have been given the opportunity to attend. If you have an event coming up and are looking for a host or want me to attend and share it on the blog feel free to contact me i’d love to come !!!

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