One Reign-y Day

I knew that as a mother, I would also have to be a teacher; but I did not know I would become a student at the same time. I did not know that she would be teaching me …until one Reign-y day.

I woke up feeling defeated and not for any one reason. I sat on my bed overwhelmed and was preparing to call out of work….and then my daughter, Sahara-Reign, woke up.

Still, in pajamas, I barely rolled out of bed to change her and give her something to drink and it was right back under the covers for me.
She did her normal morning routine and when she felt it was time to head out she put on her jacket and hat and said:” outside let’s go” (let’s go outside). And I just sat there; in awe of how my one-year-old did not let my plans to stay in bed and waste my morning away stop her from her daily routine. Her hat was barely covering her head, her jacket was on backward and she had on my shoes. She did not have the ability to put her hat on properly or pull on her own shoes but she did not allow inability to stop her. She did not let me and my feelings stop her.

My daughter was teaching me an important lesson. She was teaching me how to be unstoppable. She had plans to go to school and not her mother’s laziness or her own inability would get in the way of that.
After crying like a newborn for a few minutes I got up, got it together (and her together) and we were on our way.

In the days to come, I made a conscious effort to channel my inner Reign. It has not been easy but it has helped get me through some days. Going forward I will continue to be more like Reign, which shouldn’t be so hard since she came from me. I look forward to all the lessons she is going to teach me, as I know this is only the beginning for my little firecracker.
I am glad to share this little story with you and I hope it will encourage someone else who may be feeling defeated to be unstoppable!

Feel free to share a Mom-ment where a child encouraged you in the comments!

Until Next time, Sarita J.

7 thoughts on “One Reign-y Day

  1. Vanessa says:

    Love that little munchkin. Trust and believe it wont be the last time you learn from her. I am still in awe of your generation. You and your cousin/sisters are pretty awsome! I am still watching and learning.😙


  2. Kisha says:

    That was a perious learning moment . Days will be hard but they get easier. Just remember none of us came with a hand book. Way to go Reign.


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