What is a Mom-ment? A mom-ment is the beautiful and ugly moments of being a mother.

I want to share the reality of being a mother because while their are such rewarding and beautiful moments; there are times when I wonder if it’s too late to return her.

I want to share that because if it wasn’t for other women sharing their Mom-ments with me I would not have known that its okay to let your daughter wear a sundress as pajamas because you don’t want to fight her anymore…. Yeah those moments.

I also would not have known its okay to celebrate even the small milestones like when my daughter first sang the intro to mickey mouse clubhouse. It may not have been in a language most could understand but I understood it and played that song all day!

This is a space where mothers, fathers, anyone raising or helping to raise a child will get to see that those feelings are normal. If you’re doing your best, you’re doing okay!

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