Dear God it’s me…

This category will invite readers to my spiritual side.  Think Kanye’s “Ultralight beam”.

I will share lessons learned that I feel can be helpful to others and I will also share my short comings as a christian who has been very much in the world and is just trying to be a better servant of Christ.

This walk hasn’t been easy to say the least. I’ve fallen short more time than i’ve been faithful and God has still been good to me.

I think its important that I share these things because I KNOW i’m not the only one!

2 thoughts on “Dear God it’s me…

  1. Vanessa says:

    Good morning from Beautiful Panama Sara Gray. I am so proud of you. You are an amazing young woman. I am going to continue to pray for your success as I watch God keep on blessing you. We all fall short, but as long as we don’t fall off, we can always get back up. Love you Tia Lissa😚


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